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About Consumer Affairs
Ideally, the best protection for consumers of telecom services is by way of the competitive marketplace. However, notwithstanding the presence of several wireless operators, protection for consumers especially in the areas of accessibility and availability and deceptive information became a major part of LTA’s deliberations in 2009.

Accordingly, the LTA completed modalities for the establishment of a Consumers’ Desk which was officially launched on April 5, 2010.  The Consumer Desk seeks to inform and educate subscribers on how to make informed decisions about telecommunications products and services. A proposal for convening a major stakeholder forum for delibera Association Networkting on key consumer concerns was approved by the Board and implemented in partnership with the Liberia Consumer Association Network (LCAN).

A website in support of LTA’s educational and informational activities and promotion of much broader sector dialoguing exist ( site will be an addition to other media/communications platforms the LTA periodically uses for disseminating information about LTA’s activities, and facilitating exchange of views on sector issues among stakeholders, especially consumers, service providers, and potential sector investors.

Also, in order to enhance its scope of consumer needs, the LTA participated in a major Consumer related National Law Symposium on Trade and Commerce sponsored and hosted by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the Law Reform Commission and RLJ Companies. Issues related to consumer education and consumer protection law were highlighted at the forum, which provided the LTA much needed insight into various aspects of consumer affairs.