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The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) is the statutory regulatory body established to foster the provision of accessible and affordable ICT based telecommunications services for all Liberians. The LTA was created by the Telecommunications ACT of 2007 (Telecom Act 2007), which repealed in its entirety Act No. 18 of the erstwhile National Transitional Legislative Assembly of Liberia creating an Interim Framework for Telecommunications Regulation in September 2005.
The LTA was established to facilitate development of the telecommunications sector in order to promote social and economic development throughout Liberia.
In accordance with the Telecom Act 2007, the LTA, inter alias, is to:
·        facilitate development of the telecommunications sector in order to promote social and economic development throughout Liberia
·        promote the efficient and reliable provision of telecommunications services, relying as much as possible on market forces such as competition and private sector investment to achieve this objective;
·        promote affordable telecommunications access in all parts and regions of Liberia, relying on market forces and private sector investment when feasible and Government initiatives where appropriate
·        establish a fair, objective and transparent regulatory regime for service providers, including the licensing of service providers
·        establish a framework for the control of anti-competitive conduct in the telecommunications sector, and otherwise protect the interests of subscribers and other customers of telecommunications services
·        ensure the safety of telecommunications networks and users of telecommunications services, and the privacy and proper use of customer information
·        promote the use of new and more efficient technologies and efficient management and use of radio spectrum and other scarce resources
·        encourage sustainable foreign and domestic investment in the telecommunications sector
·        establish measures to prohibit certain types of conduct contrary to the orderly development and regulation of the telecommunications sector
·        encourage participation of Liberians in the ownership, control and management of communications companies and organizations
·        promote and safeguard national interests in the development and implementation of telecommunications policies.
·        Ensure that national security policies, applicable to both domestic and international activities are adhered to including through regulations, rules or orders under the Act.