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The Telecom Act 2007 gives the LTA the mandate to regulate the telecom sector through efficient management and monitoring of spectrum and  the enforcement of compliance by licensees of conditions of their licensesThe LTA has the responsibility under the Telecom Act to:

•    advise the Minister on policies for the telecommunications sector
•    implement the Telecom Act, the regulations and other elements of the legal and regulatory framework for the telecommunications sector
•    issue individual and class licences, including licences for international telecommunications facilities and services, and design and implement the processes for issuing such licences
•    monitor and enforce compliance by licensees with the conditions of their licences
•    amend, modify, suspend or revoke licences in accordance with this Act and the regulations
•    implement tariff regulation, in accordance with Part IX of the Telecom Act
•    define network termination points, if required for the proper interpretation and administration of the Act, the regulations and rules
•    prescribe procedures for the approval of telecommunications equipment for attachment to telecommunications networks in Liberia, using the least onerous method available, such as approval of equipment previously approved for attachment in specified countries or regions
•    establish a radio spectrum plan and manage radio spectrum allocated to the telecommunications sector
•    regulate interconnection between telecommunications networks of different service providers
•    establish and manage a numbering plan and allocate numbers to service providers
•    resolve disputes between service providers, and between customers and service providers;
•    institute and maintain appropriate measures for the purpose of preventing  service providers from engaging in or continuing anti-competitive practices, including the identification of telecommunications markets, determining dominance and abuse of dominance in identified telecommunications markets and responding to anti-competitive agreements
•     represent Liberia in international telecommunications regulatory organizations;
•    carry out any responsibilities, functions and powers assigned to the LTA in any universal access policy or program established pursuant to Part V of the Telecom Act
•    maintain records of licences and licence applications, equipment approvals and applications and interconnection agreements and, except where the LTA considers it justified for reasons of commercial confidentiality, make the documents in such records available to the public
•    require information to be provided that the LTA needs in order to exercise its powers or perform its functions under the Act, including network or service development plans, financial, technical and statistical information, accounting records and any other information that the LTA reasonably requires
•    on the initiative of the LTA or upon request by another person, investigate complaints against licensees or other service providers, and conduct such other investigations as the LTA deems necessary to ensure compliance with the Act, a regulation, rule or order, and issue an order in respect of anything prohibited, required or permitted to be done under the telecom Act, a regulation, rule or order responsibilities, functions, and powers conferred on the LTA under any other law.