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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the LTA and when did it come into existence?
The LTA is the acronym for the Liberia Telecommunications Authority and it was established in 2007 by a Legislative Act dubbed the Telecommunications Act of 2007.

2. Why was the LTA established?
To serve as the independent regulator of the telecommunications industry in Liberia.

3. What is the Vision of the LTA?
To become the premier regulatory authority providing trusted leadership in the creation of a vibrant socio-economic environment, through the effective use of telecommunications and Information Communications Technologies.

4. What is the Mission Statement of the LTA?
To consistently create an enabling environment that promotes market driven fair competition, which provides accessible and affordable communication services for all.

5. What are some of the LTA’s key functions?

  • Advise the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications on policies for the telecommunications sector;
  • Issue individual and class licenses, including licenses for international telecommunications facilities and services, and design and implement the processes for issuing such licenses;
  • Resolve disputes between service providers, and between consumers and service.

6. How many Commissioners make up the commission of the LTA and who are the current commissioners?
The LTA Commission has five members one of whom is designated by the President of Liberia to serve as Chairman. Currently, the commissioners of the LTA are:

  1. Angelique E. Weeks - Chairperson
  2. Lamini A. Waritay - Commissioner responsible for Public/Consumer/Legal Affairs
  3. Henry W. Benson - Commissioner responsible for Engineering & Technology
  4. Harry T. Yuan - Commissioner responsible for Governmental Affairs and National Policy
  5. Abdullah L. Kamara - Commissioner responsible for System Development &Market Structure

7. What is the term of office of LTA Commissioners?
Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Liberia Senate, the five-member Board of Commissioners serves for a tenure of(4) four-year, which may be renewed by the President for an additional final four-year term.