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The Liberia Telecommunications Authority today published an official gazette issued by the Government of Liberia authorizing an independent audit of the interconnection records of Cellcom Telecommunications Incorporated and Lonestar Communications Corporation.  The decision to commission the independent audit of the interconnection records of the two GSM companies follows months of investigation of anti-competitive business practice conducted by LTA. The Independent Software Certification Incorporated has been appointed to conduct the audit.

According to the official gazette, the Cellcom and Lonestar will have the option to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with the Independent Software Certification Incorporated to ensure that subscribers information is kept strictly confidential and that the two GSM companies will name their representatives within the period of three days to collaborate with the consultants to carry-out this important mandate.

The gazette warned that a fine of FIVE THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($5,000.00 USD) will be levied against any of the two companies who refuse to cooperate with the independent auditor.

Meanwhile, the LTA has warned all service providers against deliberate actions which are aimed at hindering the growth and development of the industry and said the LTA will not hesitate to institute corrective measures for the advancement of telecommunications and ICT in Liberia.


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