About Licensing

Licensing is a key component in the regulatory function of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority. It is the process by which LTA grants interested service providers permission to operate in the Liberian market under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The Telecommunications Act 2007 makes provisions for the issuance of 2 types of licenses:  Individual and Class licenses. Class licenses are issued for a period of 12 months and may be renewed on an annual basis. Individual licenses are issued for a longer period–for up to 15 years.

For class licenses, the process involves a formal letter of intent to the LTA. Following a review of the application by the Board of Commissioners and the conduct of a due diligence process, the Department of Engineering assigns frequencies (where applicable) upon payment of all applicable fees. For individual licenses, the procedure is similar, except that in the latter case, a bidding process is included because it involves a long term investment of assets.

Licensing Procedure

The Department of Licensing & Regulations (LRD) oversees the processing and issuance of licenses. The Department coordinates with other relevant departments to ensure that adequate and prompt customer service is provided in this regard.

An individual or organization wishing to obtain a license must formally apply to the LTA indicating the kind of service(s) for which authorization is being sought.