Structure, staffing and location of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA)

The By-Laws of the Board of Commissioners (BoC) as revised and adopted on September 16, 2016 reflects the following official standing departments of the LTA:

  1. Department of Government & Consumer Affairs (G&CA);
  2. Department of Engineering & Technology (E&T);
  3. Department of Licensing and Regulations (L&R);
  4. Department of International Gateway Services (IGS); and,
  5. Department of Administration, Operations & Legal Affairs (AO&L).


  1. Department of Government& Consumer Affairs:

The Department of Government & Consumer Affairs (G&CA) is responsible to liaise and interact with all branches of Government to ensure telecommunications sector issues are addressed in national programs and policies. The Department shall handle consumer issues and be responsible for coordination of Universal Access Program matters within the LTA. The Department is also responsible for continuously monitoring and facilitating the implementation of national, regional and international deliverables, and ensuring that national policy matters that relate to telecommunications / ICT are addressed by the BOC.


B. Department of Engineering & Technology:

The Department of Engineering & Technology (E&T) is responsible for managing and monitoring spectrum and spectrum-related matters, including National Numbering resources. The Department shall also be responsible for ensuring that all types of telecommunications equipment and network infrastructures internal and external to the LTA are type-approved and meet international quality standards; ensure that spectrum users adhere to license / unlicensed bandwidth requirements and established network quality standards. The Department shall be responsible for all information technology needs of the LTA.


C. Department of Licensing & Regulations:

The Department of Licensing & Regulations (L&R) is responsible for scoping market conditions and making recommendations to the BOC for developing and supporting implementation of tariff programs, regulations and rate structures, recommending new service types and ensuring that service providers are properly authorized to operate in the country. The Department shall, in coordination with the Legal Section and Engineering Department, play a pivotal role in processing new license applications, performing due diligence on new applications to provide services, analyzing operators network data and conducting market studies and analyses.


D. International Gateway Services:

The International Gateway Services (IGS) Department is responsible for managing the International Gateway Monitoring System (IGMS), which measures and monitors traffic flow at all interconnections between networks for Fraud Management, Revenue Accounting and Quality of Service (QoS) Management purposes. The IGS shall be the focal point for the LTA’s oversight of the Internet Exchange Point (IXP), which is a physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks. In addition, IGS shall be the focal point for the LTA’s oversight of Liberia’s Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) to ensure equitable access, transparent administration and to help create a predictable environment for accessing the ccTLD.


E. Department of Administration, Operations & Legal Affairs:

The Department Administration, Operations & Legal Affairs (AO&L) provides administrative, operational, and logistical and procurement support for all Departments through coordination with other Departments to ensure that the LTA is functional and operational by maximizing the value of its human and physical assets. This Department shall be responsible for the content of all public communications disseminated via print and electronic media, including the LTA website. The Department shall create public awareness about the LTA. In coordination with other Departments in the LTA, as may be applicable, the Department shall be responsible for reviewing and vetting for legal sufficiency and implementation, all regulations, orders, and rules for the sector and shall be responsible for developing legal constructs for compliance. The Department shall be the official representative of the LTA for all legal proceedings.